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React hooks Sortera Applied machine learning to categorize user-uploaded images and renamed the files accordingly, allowing users to download a ZIP file of the renamed images.

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Mapbox is an open source mapping platform for custom designed maps, that turned out to have a really wide Using Mapbox API to create a custom map requires an access token, which can be easily...

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May 24, 2019 · To use this hook, we simply replace our previous room & id useState hooks with this one. Add this so that React logs back in if an id is present: This simple change makes our app state remain the same between reloads. 2. useOnlineStatus About the hook. We use the useOnlineStatus hook to show the user when (s)he is online or offline. The hook ...

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Apr 09, 2019 · For a particular project I needed to instantiate the mapbox-gl.js library via a functional component instead of the usual way throughout a class component and a reference to the element you want to bind the map to. One of the reasons to do this was to use only reacts new hooks and the context api for state management instead of adding a library such as redux. After googling without any success ...

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The Material UI 'useMediaQuery' Hook for dead-simple mobile / responsive design. Develop stunning map applications with the Mapbox API and ReactMapGL. Use the Geolocation API to get Users' Current Location. Create Route Guards / Protected Routes with React Router v4. Essential authentication / authorization concepts within GraphQL / Apollo

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Sep 27, 2018 · This Mapbox Unity tutorial course is for both beginners & seasoned programmers! You’ll learn not just what Mapbox is capable of doing but also practical skills such as how to add Mapbox’s SDK to your game development projects using Unity 3D, then learn how to make your game into a better experience by location data and map integration.

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Technologies Used: React, React Hooks, Bcrypt, Node, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Heroku. Implemented web-scraper for MountainProject, TheCrag, ClimbingBusinessJournal, to grab climbing gym data. Deployed application on Heroku for quick deployment and availability. Created API key generation and authentication for tracking of user requests.

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This course teaches you to build real-time, full-stack React apps from scratch with a GraphQL Server (Apollo Server 2) on the backend, a cloud MongoDB database (Mongo Atlas) with React Hooks to manage our state (replacing Redux!), social authentication (Google OAuth2), real-time data with GraphQL Subscriptions, image uploads with Cloudinary ...

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To double down on that success, we’re looking for highly driven and detail-oriented individuals looking to add value, solve problems and join a rocket ship. If that's you, come help us reshape logistics. Together we'll replace tired and comfortable incumbents with a modern marketplace built around speed, ease of use and fairness. As an Engineering Manager on the Frontend team, you'll get to ...

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Built with React hooks, Context API, and Styled Components. The "Game of Life" is a 0 player 2d game of living cellular automata visually rendered with Vanilla JavaScript and CSS. Utilized double buffering technique to apply the rules of the game to each cell and create a seamless visual display.

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Nov 19, 2019 · The introduction of Hooks into React 16.8 changed the way that people thought about creating components to with within the React life cycle.. With the AppInsights React plugin you get a good starting point for integrating AppInsights but it uses a Higher Order Component (HOC) and a custom plugin, and I wanted something that’d integrate nicely into the Hooks pattern.
Oct 30, 2020 · Build Custom Hook with vue Class Component. Before we continue, the vue official docs recommends using IDE such as VS code since it has great support for typescript. With our Vue 3 Project completely setup, Lets get into building a custom hook. We will be building two composable hooks:
Once again, if you haven't checked out the other "Getting Started with React and MapBox" articles, I recommend it so we can be on the same page.
We should modernize these examples based on React 16.9. A couple basic things to do: migrate to function components with useState hook: https...
React Hooks are the latest additions to the React block (React version 16.8) as they bring along great capabilities to revolutionize and energize, the feeble and simple looking Functional components. As we know, React supports two types of components, namely, Functional and Class.

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The Material UI 'useMediaQuery' Hook for dead-simple mobile / responsive design. Develop stunning map applications with the Mapbox API and ReactMapGL. Use the Geolocation API to get Users' Current Location. Create Route Guards / Protected Routes with React Router v4. Essential authentication / authorization concepts within GraphQL / Apollo
MapBox is an interesting alternative to Google Maps. The supported services include navigation, search, augmented reality, automated driving,and extensive map customization. The pricing is free up to 25,000 monthly active users. Google Places API. Receive detailed info about places nearby including names, descriptions, similar venues, and ...