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Mar 13, 2019 · Learning Goal: Recap exponential functions using a Desmos activity. Then, prepare with released STAAR questions. Classwork Marbleslides: Exponentials (Desmos) Spiraling Practice Answers Link to Answers Standards Common Core HSF.LE.A.2 – Construct linear and exponential functions, including arithmetic and geometric sequences, given a graph, a description of a relationship, or two input-output ...

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May 01, 2018 · We just finished up our circles unit in Geometry. I had one more day before a long weekend. Rather than jumping into something new, we did a little bit of math art a la Desmos. I gave them a quick directions document with some review of families of functions they might want to explore. Then I set them loose.

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Sep 18, 2015 · Also, though I typically advocate for 2:1 computing with almost all Desmos activities (2 students, 1 device), for this series of challenges I would recommend a 1:1 setup. Student collaboration is still a valuable element of this lesson, but requiring every student to apply what they’re discussing to their own Desmos graph has proved useful ...

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b. I can sketch a graph to show key features of a polynomial function written in factored form.A.APR.3, F-IF.7 c. I can identify and interpret key features of a polynomial function in context using graphs and tables.F-IF.4, 7 d. I can compare the end behaviors of polynomial and exponential functions.F-LE.3 e.

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Desmos Activity: This Desmos activity enables you to experiment in order to validate derivative rules for specific functions of your choice. Objectives & Resources: 1. Understand that the derivative of a function is defined as the limit of a difference quotient and can be determined using a variety of strategi

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Which of the following are true for this function? o The y-intercept is (0, 1) o As x approaches − ∞, y approaches 0, creating a vertical asymptote at x = 0 o As x approaches − ∞, y approaches 0, creating a horizontal asymptote at y = 0 o Domain is (0, ∞) o Range is (0, ∞) o Domain is (− ∞ ,∞) o Range is (− ∞ ,∞) o Graph ...

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-----VIDEO: Learning How To Do Regressions on Desmos Exponential Regression vs Linear Regression Using DESMOS and the TI-84 M&Ms Lab Activity Skittles Lab Activity Red & Blue Chips Lab Activity Dice Lab Activity-----Section 3-2 Logarithmic Functions -----VIDEO: Converting between Exponential Form and Logarithmic Form -----VIDEO: Evaluating ...

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Nov 18, 2016 · This is a clothesline activity on desmos exploring fractions, decimals, percentages… Here’s a page that links to Andrew Stadel’s database of desmos activities that he’s created (estimation 180 guy) This one links to a Google sheet of John Orr’s tasks – many which are not searchable in Desmos.

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Jul 15, 2016 · This bundle starts with a Desmos version of a classic application of exponential functions—Would you rather get paid at a linear or exponential rate? After a series of activities—including the appropriate versions of Polygraph and Marbleslides—the bundle wraps up by having students use exponential functions to model and make predictions.

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Exponential Function Standard Form: properties of exponential function. Change the a, b values in this exponential function to see the calculations of properties of exponential function.
Jan 29, 2018 · exponential functions activities (3) exponential functions graphing (2) exponential functions matching (1) exponential functions project (1) exponential functions real world (2) exponential regression (1) externship (1) factoring (2) factoring a=1 (1) factoring a=1 activity (1) factoring a=1 puzzle (1) factoring puzzle (1) finding slope (3 ...
Below are problem based lesson, three act math tasks and activities I use with my classes. If you have never taught a lesson like these I suggest you start with Dan Meyer’s post or read through my Peek into My Classroom page.
Formalize the language of functions. Explore the behavior of functions numerically, graphically, analytically, and verbally. Compare the relative rate of change of linear and exponential functions. Use technology to discover relationships, test inferences, and solve problems. Write expressions, equations, and inequalities from physical models.
Desmos Desmos Desmos Desmos Desmos Desmos Desmos. In professional development, no one can hear you scream. I totally appreciate the effort, but, damn, let’s not kill ourselves trying to reinvent the wheel when there are approximately 3 billion awesome activities at teacher.desmos.com .

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Desmos is a graphing calculator that can be accessed through any web browser or through the app. In the classroom, Desmos can be used as a replacement or supplement to graphing calculators.
1. I can use exponential functions to model and solve problems. 2. I can create equivalent forms of an exponential function using exponent properties to reveal rates. A-CED.1,2, A-SSE.3c, F-BF. 3 b. I can solve exponential equations & inequalities using graphs and tables. A-CED.1, A-REI.11